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Laser Cutting

Laser Protection Adviser, LPA

What is an LPA


The term is sometimes used to describe a specialist (laser) safety consultant.  It isn’t a protected title, defined in law or by any set qualifications, so in effect, anyone can apply the term to themselves.  A certification scheme with formal criteria attempts to set a standard of experience and qualification to provide some indication of competency. 


Our certification scheme is not an ‘entry level’ certification, instead looking to provide recognition of a senior level of relevant experience, knowledge and professional standing.  There is no technical assessment, as at this stage members will have already demonstrated a substantial track record.


We strive for an ‘inclusive’ culture, acknowledging a range of backgrounds and specialisms. It is not the intention to introduce any kind of protectionism in this area or imply consultants that are not certificated with us are less able to offer laser safety consultancy services.

Certification Criteria


All safety professionals are welcome to join the association providing they meet the following criteria;


- Membership of an appropriate professional body

- High level of responsibility within their business or organisation

- Relevant formal qualifications

- Appropriate insurance 

- Active in optical radiation safety consultancy for over ten years

- Engaged in continual professional development

- Committed to providing sensible and proportionate advice

- Uphold high ethical standards


Some flexibility can still be made in these requirements if appropriate. For example, suitable vocational training could be taken as an equivalent to formal occupational health and safety qualifications. 


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